Discussions, Reviews, Editorials and Other
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Discussion of  "The use of scientific information in regulatory processes," by Justice Stephen G. Bryer; "The role of scientists in the courtroom: the judge's perspective," by Judge Jack B. Weinstein; "The role of scientists in the courtroom: the scientists's perspective," by Gilbert S. Omenn; and "The Federal Judicial Center's plans for incorporating science and technology," by Judge William W. Schwarzer, Shepard's Expert and Scientific Evidence Quarterly, Vol. 2, 1995.
Discussion of "Improving data quality through increased data sharing," by Edward A. Trott, and "Health reform information systems: great expectations, uncertain prospects," by Edward L. Hunter, Seminar on New Directions in Statistical Methodology, Statistical Policy Working Paper 23, Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology, Office of Management and Budget, 1995.
A conversation with Margaret Martin, Statistical Science, Vol. 9, 1994, 127-145.
Making sense of statistics in the courtroom, with Stephen E. Fienberg, op-ed reprinted in Headline News, Science Views, David Jarmul, ed., Washington, D.C.: National Academy Press, 1991.
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The City of New Amsterdam vs. Armored Coin Collection Company, mock trial presented at the Joint Statistical Meetings on behalf of the Panel on Statistical Assessments as Evidence in the Courts, August 1985.  Excerpted transcript available from the Committee on National Statistics.
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